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About Us



"To help build the community one block at a time!"

Khadija Yawn, Founder


Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Khadija Yawn has pursued greatness in all aspects of life. With a relentless drive to achieve personal, professional and academic success, Khadija continues to grow.

Through her myriad of studies, Khadija identified her passion of working with youth and strengthening families to build stronger communities. Growing up in a single-parent household she understood the struggle and desired greatly to be and provide an outlet for growth, vehicle for prosperity, and inspiration for change that some many Rochesterians were in need of.  For the last two decades, Khadija Yawn has dedicated her life to this pursuit, working with youth and families relentlessly.


Since its origination, ROC ROYAL INC. has planned, hosted, sponsored, and coordinated innumerable events ranging from small social gatherings to huge community functions. Roc Royal has provided a safe place for people to recreate, be entertained and often receive services through the outreach events they have facilitated.


For years, Khadija has worked to build a business and personal reputation that reflects her values, ethics, and deep commitment to the community. In 2019, Khadija launched the after-school component, 585 DREAM after realizing the greater needs of the youth in the city of Rochester. This program has influenced many youth to become entrepreneurs. In addition, ROC ROYAL INC hosted its first summer camp in July 2022. We serviced 75 youth every day for four weeks.


"We must start WITHIN our communities in order to inspire change.” Khadija lives by this quote through the work she does for her community. She will continue to strive to be an example for young people and the community by promoting self-empowerment and improvement.


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